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The reseller apps weren’t as productive when people didn’t have the internet. These programs were not known to the public and no one was using them.

Reseller applications, on the other hand have made great strides with the introduction of social media and the internet. Today’s world is far too crowded for reseller applications.



Reseller apps have gained prominence over the past decade in the online marketplace. Reseller apps have been extremely successful and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Because they offer buyers and sellers both benefits, many people are taking full advantage of the free resale apps that are increasing in number.

Sometimes, you may notice clutter in your home. You could have old clothes, shoes or equipment like a treadmill, cycle or dumbbell.



Reseller applications can help you solve your problems. You can also free up space in your house by getting rid of unnecessary items. It also allows you to make money by selling them.

You can also earn commissions by referring friends to certain apps. These apps are easy to use and can help you sell your product within seconds.

Selling old household items you don’t use anymore has become a lucrative way to make money. Amazingly, you don’t need to find a market to sell them. All you have to do to upload a picture of the item and the buyer will contact your directly.

India’s Top Reselling Apps

These reseller apps allow people to sell and buy products without paying additional fees. These apps are amazing because you don’t need to search for the right marketplace to sell or buy your items.

This is why this trend is growing. It is important to choose the right one, as there are many available. Here’s a list of the best resale apps in India:


1. Meesho

Meesho was started by two IIT Delhi graduates in 2015. It is one of India’s most popular reselling apps. Meesho was founded by Vidit Aatrey & Sanjeev Barwal. You would be a Reseller and have to go through the product catalog and share your findings with your friends.

If your friends purchase the product, you will be paid a commission. This software also offers many ways to make money.



Meesho, a social media platform that allows individuals and small businesses to open their own online stores, is called Meesho. You will get a higher price for every product and an extra discount if you reach the sales targets.

Simple procedures are necessary to start a business with Meesho. You should choose products at a low price and a simple return policy. Cash-on-delivery is an option. A product can be chosen from the collection, and you can recommend it to friends. If they buy it, they will get a commission.



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2. App Glow-Road

Glow-Road is similar to Meesho and offers a free online resale platform in India. It has over one lakh+ fashionable, high-quality products as well as more than 100 categories for the wholesale market. This includes boutique owners, college students, and beauticians among others.

This software is a great tool for college students, beauticians, housewives, and shop owners. They are known for delivering products on time and only a few instances of them failing to do so.



The product categories include everything you need, from clothes to beauty, to furniture and cutlery to home decor. It has all the components necessary to make it a powerful reselling tool.

The app includes everything you need, including home decor, beauty products, cutlery, and furniture. You can choose a product from the catalog and resell it via social media.


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3. App Shop 101

Shop 101 is India’s original reselling app. Shop 101 also offers home-based services that can be purchased in minutes.

Multi-lingual options are the app’s unique feature. The app allows you to choose the products that suit your preferences. This can be shared with friends and family, as well as with your commission. Cashback and other offers are also available.



You can find almost any product, including clothing, electronics and personal care products. You can also choose the most current trend-following product to increase your sales.


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4. The eBay App

eBay was founded in 1995 as a multinational corporation. Pierre Omidyar founded the company. The corporation was founded by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995. San Jones is the home of eBay’s headquarters. This application is well-known as a marketplace to sell shipping items.

eBay’s best feature is its ability to be used from anywhere on the globe. This site is India’s oldest reselling website. You can sell or buy electronic, clothing, vehicles, cosmetics, and many other items. Their site has received more than 100,000 downloads and a 4.6 rating.



eBay allows local listings for large and bulky products. If you don’t wish to pay shipping, it can be picked-up at a local location. Local businesses can promote themselves on eBay to increase their sales. In certain cases, they may offer free shipping.

It is the oldest reselling website in the world. This site allows you to sell or buy electronics, clothing, vehicles, as well as other items.


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5. Tun Tun

Are you interested in starting your own business? TunTun is the best reselling platform for small businesses. You can easily select the products and sell them from the comfort of home.

High-quality products will be available at very affordable prices. You can appeal to your customers with a modern design of the products. You can also return your products within 7 days and receive cash on delivery.

You can also share updates about price and product with customers via SMS or application notification.

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